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Here we grow and sell organic elderflowers & elderberries of the highest quality and craft them into delicious cordials.

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Bush Barn Farm is an organic, family run farm located just outside the quiet village of Robertsbridge in East Sussex. 

After working together on a farm in Tanzania, we moved to Robertsbridge to settle down and build up our own farm business. We now grow elder trees on 25 acres from which we harvest the finest organic elderflowers and elderberries. The elderflowers and elderberries are sold fresh at harvest time and we use them to make our own delicious Bush Barn Farm cordials.

When looking at our elder tree orchard you will notice that we take a lot of pride in what we do and we ensure that our elderflowers and elderberries have the highest quality possible.

We established our orchard in 2019 from elder trees originating in Germany. They are of the varieties Haschberg, Haidegg 13 and Haidegg 17. These varieties grow elderflowers and elderberries renowned for their good flavours and high yields.


The whole farm is certified organic with the soil association. We are passionate about nature and wildlife and have allocated parts of the farm specifically for creating species rich grasslands and hedges that encourage wildlife diversity and provides food for birds and insects.

Nick & Maria

Nick & Maria
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Our organic elderflowers are harvested between the end of May and mid of June and we sell them in any quantity required to our customers.

All our elderflowers are certified organic and of the highest quality and flavour, picked carefully and free of roadside pollution. We chill them right after picking and we recommend processing them within 48 hours of harvest.
Elderflowers are mainly known for their use in making delicious cordials or wines, but they are also used in teas, cosmetics and medicinal products.


Our organic elderberries are harvested from the end of August to the middle of September and we sell them in any quantity required to our customers.

Our elderberries are available in different grades of processing – stemmed, destemmed or pressed. 

All our elderberries are certified organic and of the highest quality and flavour and free of roadside pollution. Depending on their further use we chill or freeze them right after harvest. When chilled we recommend processing within 48 hours of harvest.   

Elderberries are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins and are used in many different ways – from health and medicinal products, to drinks, jams and food colouring.